Reports Lobby 6

  1. Settings
  2. Create Categories
  3. Create Reasons

In order to to take full advantage of the complex reporting system lobby6 has to offer. Your products and services will need to set up first. Lobby6 > Settings under the left side menu.


By default we have added three product categories with subsequent items in each. Products, services and business. These categories and products can be modified using the edit button or an entire new category can be built from scratch.

The display color is used in conjunction with the reporting graph representation.

Create Categories

By default your account is created with three categories.

Products, Services and Business.

You have the ability to add or remove any categories you like. The goal of categories is to group metrics together to better view reporting comparisons.

Create Reasons

You can create as many (or remove as many) as you like. All reporting is done by these data points, so the goal is that you build yourself a custom list of reasons curacted specifically to your branches needs.