Search Lobby 6

  1. Searching
  2. Refining your Search
  3. Search Results
  4. Ticket History
  5. Exporting

The Monetary Labs platform has one of the most advanced search functions to date. Lobby6 has the ability to select from specific products or services, staff members and keywords. All of these methods can go a step further with a custom date range search as well.


Using the search bar, enter the name of the member or any partial it may have been entered under to return the results of the most recent month. If you wish to search for a greater date range, make sure to select Refine and increase the date range.

Refining your Search

Filter by Reason - Search by the initial reason selected by the original check-in.
Helped By - Search by the initial staff member selected from the original check-in.
Search Notes - Search by opening & ending notes or even keywords.
Custom Date Range - Quickly view and select pre-set or custom search ranges.

Search Results

History - Find detailed history of every transaction based on your search criteria.

Sort Order - Sort lists based on specific catigories.
Refine Results - Take searching 1 step further by keywords in the sortable list.
Export - Export search results as common formats for further review in XLS, CSV, PDF.

Ticket History

By simply clicking on any table row, you will load up that individual tickets information. You will see the following pieces of information

Summary - Brief summary of ticket including what member was orignaly interested in.
Notes - Opening notes from check-in creation, ending notes for outcome.
Staff Reqeust - Origianl staff member request and who closed the transaction.
Check-In Times - Lobby wait time from check-in creation to lenght of member transaction.
Transaction Results - What products or services were referenced upon check-in close out


All reports generated by the Search system can be exported to XLS, CSV and PDF.