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We offer an extensive array of reporting that tracks every member interaction. Lobby6 > Reporting under the left side menu. You will notice 2 distinct panes on this page. The top pane represents a graphical representation of the data that your branch is inputting. The bottom pane shows a table view with more detailed ticket information.

At a Glance

Select a Tab

Use the navigation above to select your desired report structure

Change Dates

We automatically run most reports at 2 and 4 week intervals however it's up to you what date ranges you'd like to use

Get Reports!

View interactive reporting charts, toggle specific data points, refine and export your data.

Traffic Analysis

Select your desired date on the calendar to the left and we will generate a traffic analysis report of the last 4 weeks for that specific day. This will also report daily average wait and ticket times.

The trending report uses the last 30 days of data to generate trending metrics of increases or decreased on ticket products and results.

This report doesn't have a date range.


This indicates what the member reason was on the initial check in. This can be broken down by a per category basis.


This indicates what the actual ticket transaction resulted in. The original reason will be pre selected by default in the finalize ticket pane.

Check Ins

This indicates the branches longest and shortest ticket session as well as the overall average.

Wait Times

This indicates the branches longest and shortest wait times as well as the overall average.