Dashboard Lobby 6

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The Lobby6 Dashboard was designed to provide a few "at a glance statistics" of both your performance and your branches weekly performance. We will explain each of the widgets below.

You & Location Widgets

Here you'll see a simple view of your interactions with members in a single metric as well as see the total number of visits and abandoned ticket rates for your entire branch.

Visits - This is your total member interaction based on two week durations.
Average Time - This is based on today, one and two week intervals.
Abandon - This is the drop rate of check-ins that have been removed from the check-in que.

Check In Totals

The Check In Totals box allows you to see up to the last six months worth of check ins at whatever location you've selected without the need to run any reporting.

You can easily jump between branches with the Change Location pulldown and the counts will automatically update

Also displayed on a simple line graph is your last two weeks of check ins sepperated by day.

Reports Quick Launch

Locate up to the minute reporting based on location or your personal progress.

Arrivals - The total amount of members checked into the system.
Results - The product or service that resulted from the interaction.
Check In - View Products, longest, shortest and average Check In history.
Waits - View Longest, shortest and average lobby wait times.
You will find many other reports in the Reports Section under the Lobby 6 Navigation. We provide the quick launch links to some of our more frequently used reports.

Change Location

On all screens you have the capability of changing your location, you will find the option to do so in the upper right hand side of sites upper Navigation bar.

If you do not see the option to change your location in the upper part of the navigation, please navigate to a page where the option appears or you can always edit your location in your Profile.