Frequently asked questions

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  • What is your current road map for development?

    We are currently release a steady flow of monthly updates to the system including minor modifications as well as new products being released over the coming years. As time moves on we’ll implement things as small as user interface changes to large optional features and changes to the existing software.

    We also aim to make it very clear we are open and welcoming to suggestions. All features created by Monetary Labs or suggested by users are always released free to subscribing members.

  • Can you schedule appointments ahead of time?

    Yes, we offer a schedule widget that can easily be implemented into any frontend website using a simple “iframe code snippet.” This can be used with the help of your IT department or integratable with most website CMS.

  • Can the app automatically know who the member is when they walk into the branch?

    Unfortunately not as this time. In order to remain secure Lobby6 and the Monetary Labs platform is closed to credit unions only and does not allow external member accounts.

  • Can we custom brand this app?

    Yes, the schedule widget (what is can be customized to fit within your website brand guidelines).

  • What core systems do you integrate with?

    The Monetary Labs platform was designed to be a stand alone product with no core integration. This allows us to continually develop using the latest in secure web techniques and release new products as they become available.

  • Can chat be disabled?

    Yes, chat can be disabled in the Lobby6 Settings

  • Can you track lunch breaks?

    You can track time in and out via the service staff’s status. However this is not intended to be a time clock in anyway.

    Green = Available
    Blue = Currently assisting
    Gray = Logged out the system (break, lunch, out of office, etc.)

  • Who’s using it?

    We currently have three credit unions using this platform in production and several who have begun our free trial program.

  • How much does it cost?

    No startup fees, we don’t charge by location but by user. Currently our pricing is tiered based on early adopters and enterprise.

  • Can members check themselves in on a kiosk?

    Yes, following the three simple steps the member will check in via the kiosk app available in the apple google play app stores. The check in will appear the same as all previous

  • For the member kiosk, will Lobby6 block out all of the other member's names that were already checked in?

    Yes, the kiosk app only shows a total number of people waiting before them.

  • If an employee is at lunch, will it show the member they are on break?

    No, the member will choose the reason for their visit as well as their name. Member’s do not have the ability to request specific staff members through the kiosk app.

  • Are the drop down reasons for check-in and the check boxes of products and services completed at the end of the interaction customizable?

    Yes, you can setup an unlimited amount of products and services via settings in your admin panel. Each item corresponds with a specific color which is plotted on all report graphs using that item.

  • Can an employee check-in another member without marking that they have completed the member interaction that they just finished?

    Yes, the staff members’ que will stack in the background and will automatically switch to “currently assisting” when completed. This also works for transferring a ticket to another staff member.

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