We've provided a 2 step process to get your product up and running quickly.

  1. Create your Locations
  2. Create your Users

1. Create your Locations

The monetary labs account system is capable of managing a limitless amount of branches and staff members. To do this let's start with the basics. Click on the Get Started! button under the create branches widget or Account > Location under the left side menu.

You will see your first location in the table below based on initial account creation. Click the Create Location button to add a new branch or even edit and remove locations with buttons to the right of that specific location.e.

2. Create your Users

Now that your locations are created, it's time to add some staff to your locations.

You can find the user account creation under Account > Users in the main menu on the left.

You'll notice that the initial account creator is the first staff member. By default the first user created is set to Administrator and has access to the entire platform.

Multiple administrators can be created and only an administrator or super user can create a new user and define their roles at your credit union.

Click the Create User button to add a staff member. Enter the information below including which location they will be working from. You will notice the "User Roles" pane to the bottom right of the screen. Toggle which permission role you would like the user to have.

A more detailed explaination can be found in the next step: User Creation